Monthly Archives: June 2017

Hi June!


Hi June,
I’m so sorry.
No birthday cake.
No candles.
No song.
No surprise.

Let me do by writing on this blog.

How are you today?
You still remember this date, don’t you?
This is your day.
I hope you’re happy to know this.
The day that reminds you to be a better man, more mature, and more thankful to Allah for everything you have.
Your day that will give what you want for your good life.
Nothing is impossible as long as we keep praying and make effort.

Actually, I can’t say anything because you have made me speechless.
This is not a joke or a sweet talk, but a feeling from yours.
I wanna give you romantic words sequences, but I can’t do that.
I have no idea at all.
Sorry, Darl.
All of the words have been absorbed by you so I lost them. 😀

Not much to say,
be closer to Allah, 

be happy,
be better,
be yourself,
be mine.

Happy 1st June, Darl! 🙂