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A Brief Note

Long time no see you, Blog. 🙂
Writing here is like meeting my old friend that has been long time not to see. I miss you a lot. Sorry for leaving you. 😥

I want to say something. We must be strong although we must pretend to be strong. 🙂 Yeah, we believe that we can do it well. Insya Allah. Keep fighting. Life will keep going on. No matter how we are, no matter what we are.

I don’t know how long I will live in this world and I feel I don’t prepare well yet for what I will bring to be responsible to Allah.

I am not a perfect woman totally. Sometimes I can’t be what people want because I have lack.

But, I don’t know how long people will keep staying with me when I make them disappointed again, again, and again.

I have made effort to be better, but perhaps what I have done it is not still enough for being better. I admit, I am wrong. I am only able to say “Sorry” for everything I do in a wrong way. I am still bad.