About Nining Syafitri


Nining Syafitri

Baubau, April 14th

As a student of English Education Study Program of Education and Teacher Training Faculty at Dayanu Ikhsanuddin University, Baubau (Undergraduate: 2009 – 2013)

As a student of English Language Studies at Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Indonesia (Graduate Program: 2014 – 2016)




Like writing, traveling, reading, and eating πŸ˜€

Have dreams to be a GOOD WIFE, A GOOD MOM, AND A WRITER

Have work experiences as a translator of Kyungpook National University Volunteer Summer Vocation Program in Baubau (2010); a lecturer assistant in English Education Study Program of Unidayan (2013 – 2014); Β an English Tutor in Roemah Belajar Al Farooq Baubau (2014); an English Tutor in English Camp of SMP Al-Fikri and GAU ASE Institution in Taman Prasejarah Leang-Leang, Bantimurung, Makassar (2016)

“Have an ambition to achieve many great achievement from own ability”

I am still learning, learning and learning.

You can contact me on:
E-Mail: ningning.ocha@gmail.com
IG: instagram.com/niningsyafitri


73 thoughts on “About Nining Syafitri

  1. Ning !
    wow~ your profile is so nice ^^
    And you pic so beautiful .. hehehe

    Though all of your blogs is written by Indonesian,
    I can feel that you are so smart and nice girl ^^ kkk

    And I thought again,
    Your face without glasses much more beautiful than with glasses.. ^^kkk

    Ning ! miss U ^^

    1. Thx Heewon…
      I’m just being my self… ^^
      Thanks for your visit in my Blog… and your comment…

      Maybe I try to make my writing in English… yeah, for improving my self in English… I hope… ^^

  2. Dear friend…

    I’m Anri. I want to say that….you have a good blog.. ^_^

    Your name is Nining right??
    Nice to meet you…
    I want to tell you that I found your blog when I was searching some information about researching the influence of light intensity on the growth of seed germination and I have search it using Google Search.

    and there is something I need to say….

    My Apologize, I have download your papers which has name “laporan-praktikum-pengaruh-intensitas-cahaya-terhadap-kecepatan-tumbuh-kecambah-kacang-hijau.doc” without your permission…

    I have a sister who need to complete her task and she was in rush. So, I thought maybe I need to browsing internet and then finally I have found yours.

    Once again, My apologize…
    and I want to say….Thanks so much, my friend…^_^
    May God bless you…

    ~ Anri ~

  3. ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………

    Nice to meet you senior, you have good personality and then you looks so poLite..

  4. Hi Ning. So sorry that I just made it here now. Taken away by day to day activities I can barely blogwalking.

    Seems that it is interesting to see a great young english teacher toughts. Already love your blog. πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Miss Nining. It’s good to find someone who’s taking English Education as her major in the university. Nice to meet you Miss Nining. πŸ˜‰

    Keep on writing. Keep on sharing. πŸ˜‰

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